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Precision cutting made easy

Get the cleanest cut possible in metal materials with a plasma cutter from Industrial Welders Supply.

Quality service to get you the right fit

Tell us the kinds and thicknesses of metals you usually see, and we'll provide you with the plasma cutter to match.

Find the handheld plasma cutter that suits your needs

  • HF contact cutters
  • Pilot arc cutters
  • Precision cutters

A big improvement over the quality of cut offered by metal-on-metal and oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutters are now more affordable than ever.

Make fine cuts approaching the precision of laser cutters

Newer hand held models are being developed  with smaller nozzles and thinner plasma arcs. Make smaller holes and tighter curves with the right tools.

Economy plasma cutters are available for metal artists and hobbyists.

Replace Your Aging Plasma Cutter Today
For a Finer, More Efficient Cut


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